What is “Tensaibatake”?





We are a holistic wellness consulting company gathering multi-talented therapists, healers and health-specialists.

“tensaibatake” is a Japanese compound word made of:

 “tensai “(genius/geniuses) and “hatake”(field/garden)

Together, they make a phrase meaning something along the lines of

“a field where geniuses grow”


“a genius-nurturing field”

The concept behind the company name is what English speakers call a hub or a think-tank.  Our goal is to invite aboard highly-qualified health specialists, each with their  own particular background and skillset, but who also have more than one arrow in their quiver.

Because we strongly believe that “wide but shallow” vastly trumps “deep but narrow”, we have decided to  gather people who have wide multiple professional backgrounds, giving them the broadness of insight needed to properly assess our clients’ physical, mental, emotional and energetic states.

Without this ability to simultaneously evaluate what is wrong with someone’s lifestyle on various levels at the same time, most therapists will fail to correctly identify the core issue, and will very often mistake symptoms for causes, and treat single-mindedly.

This outdated approach does not work anymore, especially on city dwellers.  Here at Tensaibatake, we welcome people who have learn to combine and blend their many skills and know-how into their own unique method, designed to effectively treat an exotic range of modern diseases and conditions.

Our chosen methods include:

  • both traditional and modern Chikung, or QiGong
  • higher, more refined energy modalities, including many Reiki variations
  • modern state-of-the-art nutrition plans designed for gold medalists, ultra-marathon athletes and western celebrities
  • comprehensive yogic breathing without the cryptic mystery components
  • longevity methods borrowed from soft martial arts such as TaiChi and YiChuan
  • internal organ massage
  • deep-tissue massage
  • Japanese acupressure
  • sleep therapy
  • herbal medicine
  • integrative emotional coaching
  • thought pattern and behavioral management
  • stress response coaching

Each clients will be suggested a plan designed to fit her particular situation and condition. THIS is exactly why we choose to deal with everything the holistic way, because only multi-talented individuals can provided such level of unique, on-demand design.

We humans are such complex beings, living such complicated lifestyles that it is nowadays near impossible to fix a health-related issue from a single angle. The very assessment of a physical or emotional issue requires a broad, multi-angled point of view, followed by simultaneous actions on various aspects of the self.

At Tensaibatake, we believe that a holistic approach, backed by a holistic skillset background is the optimal way to help and empower someone back to health.

Owning the skills and lifehacks to heal from within, as well as to keep oneself healthy is what we call true “empowerment”, and that is precisely what we want to teach our clients:

“how not to need us anymore”.

Because we are based in Tokyo, Japan, and most of our clients are locals,

we have chosen to spend most of our website building on the Japanese section. Because of this, we cannot go into much details about our Lifestyle improvement services at this point.

For more informations, feel free to drop us an email HERE or to contact us through the owner’s Facebook page HERE.

We also have been providing English and French speakers with Japanese translation services,  practical Japanese language intensive courses and  urban survival seminars for middle to long term visitors to Japan HERE.

All our services are available both locally and through internet-based communication services like SKYPE.  Most of our clients being from places far away from Tokyo, roughly 60% of our classes take place on the phone or Web. All phone-based sessions are toll-free.

We thank  you for your interest in Tensaibatake and look forward to hearing from you.